Friday, June 29, 2012

Beauty is Meaningful

 Inspiration: Pinup girls While Watching NY ink with Emmett
Women these days are over portrayed
By the disgusting abominations we call stars
Looking up to the lowest seems wrong
Even oxymoronic, confusing to me

Women of the world...
Wake up, but don’t open your eyes
Don’t let your most pure portal of inner beauty
Be tarnished by the pollution of plastic role models
You’re not fake, leave the dollhouse
Smash it with your dainty feet

Think about the past
Sixty years ago
Role models of beauty existed.
Women with nothing to hide
Pinup girls never hide anything
It is in their very nature...

Wait, I have an idea, I’ll discuss what a real man finds beautiful
What you should think is precious, what is woman.
Gaze off wistfully, your rosy breeze of a hand, resting under your chin
Let your hair be windy, and fall into place.
Let your lips touch perfection; don’t help them along toward it.
 Bring your sandals closer to your body, invite me to wonder
What you hide under your pinstriped shorts, under your striped strip
The separation from the world and your perfect bosoms
Unchanged from how your mind’s will
I don’t want to be cliché, but what women are in recent times has grown to be just that.

Without violating the sanctity of your body,
I know what’s beneath, a woman who doesn’t give a damn
Whether you are so called “beautiful”
I hate to use that word; it’s been trampled and prostituted out;
Sold to the highest bidder for them to bed
And they overwork that delicate concept
So the word has grown tired, and is sick and tired of being effective.

I’ve gone off track, to continue...
That woman doesn’t give a damn
Beause underneath she knows that she’s worth it
She’s sensational, her breath and voice
Sends shivers down my spine
Her presence is ecstasy and there is no suggested dose
She’s my muse and my drug, and I very well may be addicted.

The pinup girl was created to be lusted after
No wait, that word makes me sick by association
She existed to be appreciated
For being naked, no secrets
Lovely since birth.